Meet The Up North Team

Area Expertise and Community Involvement

We are proud to call “Up North” our home. A place where loons dance, lakes abound, and the sunsets are just that much better.

Sometimes people think we are crazy for being “Up North” in the winter, but we think they’re crazy for not making this their home. Maybe they’ve never experienced a snow day with a warm cup of coffee by the fireplace as you watch the freshly falling snow cover the trees in a blanket of white. Maybe they’ve never watched the sunrise over the winter landscape as they snowshoe across the frozen lake. This is our home for all seasons and we love it.

All three of us grew up in Itasca County. This familiarizes us with the over one thousand lakes and the towns that make up our area. We know this area because it has always been the area we call home and we also know the people.

We make it a point to be involved in the community we call home. We donate annually to the Second Harvest Food Shelf. We have also been involved in The Bash for Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Fund, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, Healing Foundations Therapeutic Farm, Toys for Tots, and numerous other local charities and benefits.

Our Commitment to Real Estate

Real estate involves many different needed areas of expertise. For example, if you are looking to buy a commercial building in downtown Grand Rapids the factors that govern that transaction are vastly different than the factors that govern buying a seasonal cabin on Deer Lake. This is why many realtors must focus on one specific type of listing. It is also why many people have had bad experiences with the “Jack of all Trades” realtor. As a team of three realtors working on your behalf, we have had infinitely more experiences than a stand-alone realtor. This gives us the wisdom to help in numerous types of real estate transactions.

If you list with us we will market your property. Every year we spend significant dollars on marketing. Our version of marketing consists of more than just listing your property through the MLS. We utilize traditional methods like print advertising in addition to social media, various websites, well-assembled property brochures, open houses, good photography & video, and a host of other avenues we have found to be successful. Each property is unique and will receive its own custom marketing plan.

Real estate is a complex transaction involving ethics, law, negotiations, sales skills, communication, diplomacy, marketing, and numerous other abilities. We believe that we must earn your business and every day, as a team, we get up and go to work for our clients.

A Love for Real Estate

We absolutely love the business of real estate. Sure, it has its ups and downs like any business and there are days when we question our sanity but the reward of helping someone find their “Up North” getaway cabin, or their “Forever Home” is a thrill for us. Real Estate is not the movement of homes and land. Real Estate involves helping people realize their vision and live their dreams. Let our team help you live yours.

Meet the Team